Newsletter of the Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics

No 99. December 2015


On 24 Nnovember, the Centre for Demographic Studies hosted Cafè amb la Recerca ("Coffee with Research"), an initiative of the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRi) under the auspices of its Science-Business programme which fosters the establishment of contacts between research centres and businesses.

On this occasion, the session was jointly organised by the FCRi, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia, and the Centre for Demographic Studies with the aim of creating closer ties between demographic research and agribusinesses.

After a presentation of the Seminar by Joan Girona (DARP) and Laura Rubio (FCRI), Albert Esteve gave an account of the CED’s services and lines of work deemed to be of interest to agribusiness, after which participants discussed the concerns the Centre shares with the participating companies.

                         Joan Girona and Laura Rubio presenting Cafè amb la Recerca

                                                        Albert Esteve describing the CED’s lines of work

                                                                            Participants in the Cafè amb la Recerca session

Xiana Bueno, a new Marie Sklodowska-Curie researcher

Xiana Bueno, who has a PhD in Demography from the UAB, has obtained a European Commission Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowships (Individual Fellowships-IF).

At present, Xiana Bueno holds a Beatriu de Pinós grant from the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants of the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia for research visits abroad, with which she is spending two years in the Department of Sociology at Harvard University (USA), where she is working on the project “Gender Equity and Low Fertility in Postindustrial Societies” supervised by Professor Mary C. Brinton. Her two main areas of expertise are international migrations and the processes of family formation and expansion.

Xiana Bueno

Once her present Beatriu de Pinós grant has expired (in September 2016), Xiana Bueno will begin her Marie Sklodowska-Curie, thanks to which she will remain two more years at Harvard, followed by one year at the Centre for Demographic Studies after her return.

Her research project is titled: “Family formation decisions and gender attitudes in crisis times: an international, historical and longitudinal comparison”.

Nachatter Singh and Sarahí Rueda
new predoctoral grant-holders at the CED

Nachatter Singh and Sarahí Rueda Salazar, PhD students in Demography at the UAB have been chosen by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for Research Staff Training Grants.

    Nachatter Singh                   
Nachatter Singh will begin work in January on the project “Diversity, Segregation and Vulnerability. Sociodemograhic Analysis” directed by Andreu Domingo.

The title of his doctoral thesis is: “Indian diaspora to Spain. Demo-spatial analysis and nieghbourhood relations”.


    Sarahí Rueda                   
Sarahí Rueda will be working on the project “With whom will I live and who will take care of me? Present and future determinants of coresidence and dependence of the old-age population”, which is directed by Daniel Devolder and Jeroen Spijker. She will be starting at the Centre for Demographic Studies in spring 2016.

Her PhD thesis, supervised by Daniel Devolder and Jeroen Spijker, is titled “Proyección de parentesco, de la estructura de los hogares y de las situaciones de dependència” ("Forecasting Kinship, Family Structure and Situations of Dependence").


Mariona Lozano
receives the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize
from the Department of Sociology at the UAB

Mariona Lozano Riera has been awarded the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize (2012 – 2013 academic year) from the UAB’s Department of Sociology for her thesis “Trajectòries laborals de treballadors Immigrants a Espanya. Barreres i dreceres a la seva integració laboral” ("Labour Histories of Immigrant Workers in Spain: Barriers and Shortcuts to Their Occupational Integration").

Mariona Lozano has a PhD in Sociology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and is working as a postdoctoral researcher at McGill University, Montreal (Canada). She makes a postdoctoral visit to the CED until July 2016.

"Among its reasons for awarding the prize the Evaluation Commission has highlighted the originality of the theoretical approach -a mixed methodological strategy using quantitative and qualitative techniques- and, in particular, Mariona Lozano’s significant contributions in furthering knowledge within her field of research".  


Andreu Domingo
receives an award at the Vaisakhi festival in Barcelona

Andreu Domingo                
receiving the award              
from the Sikh community        
On 29 November, during the Vaisakhi (festivities in honour of the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji, the founder Prophet of Sikhism, and also celebrating the beginning of the new solar year), Andreu Domingo received an award from the Sikh residents of Catalonia and of the Gurudwara Gurdarshan Sahib in particular, in recognition of his work in the community.

During the celebrations, the Nagar Kirtan procession was held in the city centre, covering a route from the Rambla del Raval to the Parc de Xemeneies, Avinguda Paral·lel.


Carles Millàs, new PhD in Demography

On 20 November, Carles Millàs Castellví presented his PhD thesis in Demography which, supervised by Joaquín Recaño, is titled “Aproximació a l'estudi de les migracions històriques a escala municipal: Olesa de Montserrat, 1581-1930” (“Approach to the study of migration in historical municipal level: Olesa de Montserrat, 1851-1930”).

The thesis, “Aproximació a l'estudi de les migracions històriques a escala municipal: Olesa de Montserrat, 1581-1930” (“Approach to the study of migration in historical municipal level: Olesa de Montserrat, 1851-1930”), is a monograph about the historical demography migration municipal level and covering a temporary space of three and a half centuries. This chronological framework has been analyzed, both diachronically and synchronously by emptying nominative men and women who have lived in Olesa, a dump more than 100.000 people discovering thus 12.589 13.510 emigrants and immigrants. + info

Carles Millàs (centre), with his thesis supervisor -Joaquín Recaño-, members of the thesis tribunal
-Llorenç Ferrer i Alós (UB), Joana M. Pujadas Mora (CED/UAB) and Maria Josep Vilalta i Escobar (UdL)-,
and Albert Esteve and Anna Cabré, director and honorary director of the CED, respectively


Students in the Tenth Master’s Degree in Territorial Studies and Population specialising in Demography, and the new PhD students in Demography at the UAB started their courses last September.

The Master’s Degree in Regional and Population Studies (METiP), which is jointly taught by the Geography Department at the UAB and the Centre for Demographic Studies, offers the option of work experience in private companies or the public sector. It also paves the way for the PhD in Demography, which enjoys formal recognition from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport with the “Mention of Excellence” certificate.

The new members of the METiP, are:

First name and
  Degree and University
Zafiro CIFUENTES AGAMEZ   Degree in Sociology (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia)
Ignacio GONZÁLEZ SALGADO   Degree in Sociology (Universidad de Salamanca)
Víctor Manuel MARTÍNEZ LUCAS   Degree in Geography (Universidad de Murcia)
Rafael NAVARRO    Degree in History (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia)
Victoria SAN JUAN BERNUY    Degree in Business Management and Administration (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)


The PhD in Demography trains researchers in basic research fields, for example applied research in population. The available lines of research and their tutors may be consulted at this link.

And the new members of the PhD in Demography programme are:

First name and surnames  
Degree, Master’s Degree and University
  Title thesis and supervisors
Paolo CHEVALIER   Degree in Sociology and History (Université Lille, France); METiP (UAB)   Thesis: L'exclusió espacial dels més pobres a través d'un estudi de la mobilitat dins les metròpolis europees: l'exemple de Barcelona i de Marsella
Superv. Juan A. Módenes
Lina Eugenia CUEVAS RAMÍREZ   Degree in Economy (Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico); Master’s Degree in Demography (El Colegio de México, Mexico)    Thesis: Diferencias en las transiciones de la juventud a la edad adulta como aproximación de la transmisión intergeneracional de las desigualdades en las mujeres mejicanas
Superv. Montserrat Solsona; Albert Esteve
Diva Marcela GARCÍA GARCÍA   Degree in Sociology (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia); METiP (UAB)    Thesis: Análisis demográfico del sistema residencial en Bogotá y área metropolitana
Superv. Juan A. Módenes

Sarahí RUEDA SALAZAR    Degree in Sociology (Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela); METiP (UAB)    Thesis: Proyección de parentesco, de la estructura de los hogares y de las situaciones de dependencia
Superv. Daniel Devolder; Jeroen Spijker

Vistoria SAN JUAN BERNUY    Degree and Master’s Degree in Business Management and Administration (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)     Thesis: Expansión educativa y patrones de formación familiar: implicaciones para las desigualdades y la pobreza en América Latina
Superv. Iñaki Permanyer
Nachatter SINGH    Degree in Geography (Punjabi University, India); METiP (UAB)    Thesis: Indian diaspora to Spain. Demo-spatial analysis and nieghbourhood relations
Superv. Andreu Domingo
Ángela Patricia VEGA LANDAETA    Degree in Business Administration (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Colombia); METiP (UAB)    Thesis: La evolución de la fecundidad en Colombia: una re-estimación a partir de los censos de población
Superv. Joaquín Recaño; Daniel Devolder

* METiP: Master’s Degree in Regional and Population Studies_Demography

Welcome everyone!!

For further information about the Master’s Degree or the PhD in Demography you may contact:

Socorro Sancho
Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics
Tel.: 93 581 30 60

Or the UAB Postgraduate School.


"Methods of qualitative analysis: Atlas.ti and its applications"

This December, the Centre for Demographic Studies, with the support of the Geography Department at the UAB, will continue offering the course “Methods of qualitative analysis: Atlas.ti and its applications” for students in the UAB’s PhD in Demography programme and researchers at the Centre for Demographic Studies (CED).

Students in the Atlas.ti course in the CED’s computer room
The course is given by Joan Miquel Verd Pericàs from the Department of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.



Seminar: "Els petits municipis i l'organització territorial"

Organisers: Catalan Geography Society; Barcelona County Council; Osona Regional Council
Venue: Edifici del Sucre, 4th floor. Osona Regional Council, Vic
Starts: 9:00 am     Ends: 2:15 pm


- Isabel Pujadas (UB); Jordi Bayona.- Mobilitat de la població, canvi demogràfic i petits municipis.


International Conference on Shared Parenting 2015
"Best Practices for Legislative and Psycho-Social Implementation"

Organisers: International Council on Shared Parenting (ICSP); Gustav-Stresemann-Institut (GSI)
Venue: Gustav-Stresemann-Institut, Bonn (Germany)


- Montserrat Solsona.- De la conceptualisation de la résidence alternée dans la loi à sa concrétisation dans les décrets judiciaires en Catalogne (2007-2014).
(Workshop II: Legislation for Shared Parenting in different Legal and Cultural Environments)


1st Conference of the European Labour History Network (ELHN)

Organisers: Italian Society of Labour History (SISLav); ISMEL Polo Novecento-Turin; International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam; International Conference Labour and Social History, Vienna; Compagnia di San Paolo; University of Turin
Venue: Campus Luigi Einaudi, University of Turin, Turin (Italy)


- Conchi Villar; Nadia Varo (UB).- Forging Equal Pay in the Metallurgical Industry in Barcelona.
(S.9.- Wage Equality, Pay Equity and Equal Pay)



Anna Cabré is a speaker at the “Sopar dels Gironins” ("Girona People’s Dinner"). Venue: Hotel Alimara, Barcelona.


Joana M. Pujadas and Antonio D. Cámara give the training and information seminar for volunteers who have worked in the project of transcribing birth and marriage registers, and who are now about to start work on the Montefrío death register. The seminar is part of the R&D&I Project "El tratamiento digital de las fuentes históricas locales. Tres experimentos en crowdsourcing y acceso fácil" ("Digital processing of local historical sources. Three experiments in crowdsourcing and user-friendly access". PI: Anna Cabré and Joana M. Pujadas). Centro Guadalinfo, Montefrío (Granada), 4:30 pm.


Anna Cabré gives the lecture “Les ciutats catalanes al 2050” ("Catalan Cities in 2050"), in the "Fifth Theory and Practice of Territorial Planning” lecture series of the Master’s Degree in Territorial Studies and Population. Venue: Sala de Graus, Arts Faculty, UAB (B7/052), 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm.

Seminar “El futuro de las estadísticas demográficas del INE
y el Censo de Población de 2021”

Speakers at Session 7: “Estadísticas de Migraciones” ("Migration Statistics")

On 21 and 22 October the Seminar “El futuro de las estadísticas demográficas del INE y el Censo de Población de 2021” was held. This was organised by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (National Statistics Institute-INE), the Demographic History Association (ADEH) and the Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spanish National Research Council-CSIC).

The Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics participated in the Seminar:

- Albert Esteve was moderator of the first session: “El reto de las estadísticas demográficas para 2021: un censo basado en datos administrativos”.

And four lectures were given:

- Juan A. Módenes, “Asociar información sociodemográfica a la vivienda en un escenario de integración de fuentes estadísticas” (S.3: “¿Cómo medir cuántas viviendas principales, secundarias y vacías hay en España?”).

- Daniel Devolder and Joaquín Recaño, “El censo como instrumento estadístico único para el studio contextualizado de la fecundidad y la mejora de las estadísticas vitals” (S.5: “La necesidad de disponer de información sobre la fecundidad“).

- Andreu Domingo, “Movimientos migratorios y visibilidad estadística de comunidades transnacionales” (S.7: “Estadísticas de Migraciones“).

- Albert Esteve, “Las fuentes para la demografía no ahogan la sed” (S.8: “Reutilización de Datos Administrativos y otras operaciones estadísticas”).

The Seminar, which is seen as a space for exchanges between people working in the field of public statistics and members of the academic community, is to be structured into eight sessions, the first of which will focus on the 2021 Census project and the different sub-projects comprising it (mobility, homes …), while the following sessions will deal with sociodemographic information outside the Census (fertility, health, migrations…). + info

Andreu Domingo participates in the Seminar
“El capital de Catalunya des d’una perspectiva econòmica:
suficiències i mancances”

On 6 November, Andreu Domingo took part in the panel session "El factor humà, cabdal per a Catalunya”, which was programmed in the Seminar “El capital de Catalunya des d’una perspectiva econòmica: suficiències i mancancesorganised by the College of Economists of Catalonia, in Barcelona.

Julià Manzanas, Andreu Domingo and Montserrat Casanovas


On 20 November, Anna Cabré took part in the launch of the book “La fuerza de los años. Lecciones de la ancianidad para jóvenes y familias", which was edited by Gino Battaglia and published by Sígueme for the Community of Sant’Egidio. + info

The launch took place in Barcelona, in the
Basílica dels Sants Màrtirs Just i Pastor


Pau Miret took part in the launch of the book “Family and Sustainable Development” on 30 November. The book was edited by Montserrat Gas and Rita Cavalotti. Institute of Advanced Family Studies, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya-UIC. + info

Pau Miret is the author of Chapter “Changing fertility patterns in Spain: later timing and increasing infertility”.    


Book chapters:

TORRES ALBERO, Cristóbal (Ed.) (2015). España 2015. Situación social. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS), 1.739 pp. (ISBN: 978-84-7476-696-7).


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Lecture Report:


CABRÉ, Anna (2015). “Comparecencia. Núm. exp. 713/000797”. Senado (Ed.). Informe de la Ponencia de estudio para la adopción de medidas en relación con la despoblación rural en España. Sesión del 22 de septiembre de 2014. Madrid: Secretaría General del Senado. Dirección de Estudios. Departamento de Publicaciones, pp. 115-142 (ISBN: 978-84-96451-53-7).






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GALEANO; Juan; SABATER, Albert; DOMINGO, Andreu (2015). “Formation and evolution of ethnic enclaves in Catalonia before and during the economic crisis”. Catalan Social Sciences Review, 5: 59-86.


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MEDINA CRUZ, Antonio J. (06.11.2015). “Residential Mobility in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona”. UABDivulga.





TV3 - Els matins - La Tertúlia amb la Lídia
Debate: “Menys pensions i més esperança de vida“ ("Fewer Pensions and Greater Life Expectancy")

Albert Esteve takes part in the debate with Ignasi Gallart, author of the television report “Pensions, una qüestió vital” ("Pensions, a Vital Matter") in the Trenta minuts programme.



TV3 - Trenta minuts
Report: “Pensions, una qüestió vital” ("Pensions, a Vital Matter")

Albert Esteve takes part in the report “Pensions, una qüestió vital” ("Fewer Pensions and Greater Life Expectancy"), which was presented by Eduard Sanjuán. The author of the report was Ignasi Gallart.



El Punt Avui Televisió -L'illa de Robinson amb Eduard Berraondo
Panel discussion: “El futur demogràfic de Catalunya: què ens espera i com afrontar-lo” ("The situation of demography in Catalonia, what lies ahead and how to confront it")

Albert Esteve joins other specialists, Concepció Patxot (Universidad de Barcelona) and Domingo Sarsa (expert in pensions), in the panel discussion on the situation of demography in Catalonia.

Video (Minutes 6:25 to 45:20)



Ràdio 4 rne - Metròpoli amb Xavi Collado

Interview with Antonio López Gay, who talks about the future of an ageing city: Barcelona.

Audio (Minutes 33:20 to 46:00)


Catalunya Ràdio - El suplement
Panel discussion: “Fuga de cervells, mobilitat exterior o exili econòmic?” ("Brain Drain: External Mobility or Economic Exile?").

Andreu Domingo joins Ramón Xifré (Pompeu Fabra University) in the panel discussion “Fuga de cervells, mobilitat exterior o exili econòmic?” ("Brain Drain: External Mobility or Economic Exile?").



Blai Felip Palau (08.11.2015). “¿Aceptaría trabajar más allá de los 67 años?”. La Vanguardia_Suplemento “Dinero”: 2-3.

Albert Esteve: “Estamos delante del flexible aging, que es como poner vida a los años, añadir juventud a la edad”.

Blai Felip Palau (12.11.2015). “Trabajar después de los 67”. La Vanguardia.

Albert Esteve: “Nos interesa saber en qué condiciones se llega a edades tan longevas, e intentar saber por qué se producen tan pocos nacimientos".


(30.11.2015). “Reproducción asistida: El desafío de la infertilidad”. El Periódico: 10-11.

Joaquín Recaño: “Habrá más problemas de infertilidad. El trabajo precario y la mayor formación así lo auguran”.


Research bulletins:

(26.11.2015). “Buscant valencians a Catalunya”. Recercat. El butlletí de la recerca a Catalunya, 112 (ISSN 1886 - 676X).

“Des del Grup d’Estudis Demogràfics i de les Migracions…”


Ainhoa Alustiza and Tim Riffe, our former colleagues at the Centre for Demographic Studies, wish to introduce Aitor, their firstborn son!!!

Aitor was born on 21 November, weighing in at 4.020 Kg and measuring 51 cm.

Congratulations Tim and Ainhoa!!!

Ainhoa and Tim, happy parents with their little Aitor

SOCIAL SATURDAYS: Walk through Nou Barris

On Saturday 7 November Toni López led the traditional tour of Nou Barris. This year was the seventh time!

For the early birds, the tour began at the Montcada Bifurcació RENFE station, after which it took the Rec Comtal path through Vallbona. More of our colleagues joined us along the way to climb up to Ciutat Meridiana and Torre Baró, and then to descend through Roquetes, Verdum, Prosperitat, Guineueta, Can Peguera and Turó de la Peira.

Members of the CED with other friends
at Campillo de la Virgen, Torre Baró
(with Ciutat Meridiana in the background)

As always, our guide Toni López gave an excellent account of the urban landscape and the phases of settlement of the local population.

Many thanks, Toni!!

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